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All parent and professional classes are offered at no cost. Continuing education certificates are available upon request.

Email Leigh Ellen Spencer or call ABC of NC at (336) 251-1180 ext. 120 to register for classes. You must register at least one week in advance. ABC of NC reserves the right to cancel classes if there are not enough participants.

Please visit the Events page for a schedule of upcoming classes.

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Class Descriptions

Autism and the Family Dynamic
Presented by Dr. Kelly O’Laughlin

  • Understand how the diagnosis of autism impacts individual family members.

Increasing Social Motivation

  • Motivating children with autism to engage/interact with others.

Reducing Problem Behaviors

  • Strategies for reducing frustration and increasing cooperation:  Accepting “No”, First-Then instructions, waiting, and transitions.

Reducing Problem Behaviors II

  • Strategies for coping and calming; increasing adaptive behavior with social narratives and video modeling strategies; and accepting when things don’t go as planned.

Communication Strategies

  • Increasing communication and understanding the communication of others.

Developing Play

  • Strategies to expand interests and develop functional play routines.

Diet Expansion

  • Motivating children with autism to eat healthier foods.

Toilet Training Strategies

  • Increasing success with toilet training.



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