ABC of NC Financial Aid

Financial aid applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Incomplete application packets will not be considered. You will be notified if your application packet is incomplete. We will continue to accept financial aid application packets throughout the school year and will place students into appropriate programs throughout the year when slots and funding are available. There is no deadline for applications. Families who currently or previously have received any financial assistance for ABC of NC programs and services (e.g. grant-funded programs, scholarships, etc.) are eligible to apply.

Financial aid application packets for consideration must have been on file for no more than one year. ABC of NC will notify applicants when their applications are nearing expiration so that they can submit updated applications. If your family’s financial situation changes at any point during the year, you may submit an updated complete financial aid application packet.

A complete financial aid application packet* includes:

  • ABC of NC Application for Admission
    (See How to Apply for more information and to download an application.)
  • ABC of NC Financial Aid Application
  • A copy of your most recent federal tax return (form 1040), submitted within the last 18 months, for every member of your household who filed, including children, showing income and expenses reported to the Internal Revenue Service.  If you are exempt from filing, based on IRS requirements, you must attach document(s) showing ALL annual income for the last 12 months [e.g. social security statement(s), unemployment wage summary(ies), W-2(s),1099’s, interest statements, Medicaid statements, etc.] for every member of your household. If your employment situation has changed since the completion of your most recent tax return, you must provide formal documentation from an employer, former employer, the social security administration, or other official representative.

*ABC of NC reserves the right to defer applications when additional information is needed.

Applications for Admission and Financial Aid Applications can also be requested in our offices by calling (336) 251-1180 ext. 120.

Financial Aid Determination

The ABC of NC Financial Aid Committee will determine which families receive financial aid when classroom openings and funding are available. These decisions will be based on factors including, but not limited to, the family’s demonstration of commitment to their child’s educational program. Because financial aid applications will be considered throughout the school year when funds and classroom slots are available, families will ONLY be notified if/when they are being offered financial aid.

Financial Aid Packages

ABC of NC offers two types of financial aid packages, the “ABC-Go!” start-up program, and the “ABC-Go Further!” more intensive financial aid program. Both are based on sliding fee scales.


New students/families must initially apply for the “ABC-GO!” start-up program. This program includes:

  • 8 hours of “Family Sessions”: Family sessions are 1:1 instructional sessions with the child conducted by a lead teacher while a primary caregiver is present to learn and demonstrate the instructional techniques.
  • Independent study training: One member of each family will be required to complete five autism internet training modules through independent study training. The assigned lead teacher will assist the parent/guardian in selecting modules appropriate to the individual child and family. The Autism Internet Modules (AIM) are available through the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence Disabilities (OCALI): The modules include information on assessment and identification of autism spectrum disorders, recognizing numerous evidence-based practices and interventions, understanding behaviors and characteristics of autism, transition to adulthood, and employment.
  • Final program questionnaire: ABC of NC will provide a final program questionnaire to help us gain insight into a) how we can improve our programs and services, and b) the family’s specific needs related to autism services.

“ABC-Go Further!” Financial Aid for Intensive Services

In order to be eligible for financial aid for more intensive ABC of NC programs and services, families must have met one of the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of the “ABC-Go!” start-up program
  • Enrollment in an ABC of NC center-based program for at least two months (includes summer program; excludes Buddy Club) within the past year
  • A minimum of monthly participation in parent education/family sessions for at least six months within the past year

Families who have met one of the three above requirements are qualified to be considered for financial aid for more intensive ABC of NC programs and services, such as:

  • Family sessions
  • Parent education services/school-based consultation
  • 1:1 instructional sessions
  • Buddy Club
  • Group instruction
  • Intensive toilet training programs
  • Intensive diet expansion programs

Sliding Fee Scale – 2 to 4 Dependents

Total Household Income ABC Go! (8 hours) Center Based Buddy Club Diet/Toilet  Hourly Services
0-10K 10% 3% 8% 5% 7%
11-25K 25% 6% 22% 12% 13%
26-40K 45% 11% 55% 22% 27%
41-55K 75% 16% 80% 33% 47%
56-70K 100% 25% 100% 45% 70%
71-85K 100% 35% 100% 58% 90%
85-100K 100% 50% 100% 73% 100%
101-149K 100% 75% 100% 88% 100%
150k+ 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Sliding Fee Scale – 5+ Dependents

Total Household Income ABC Go! (8 hours) Center Based Buddy Club Diet/Toilet  Hourly Services
0-10K 8% 2% 7% 4% 6%
11-25K 20% 5% 18% 10% 11%
26-40K 40% 9% 46% 18% 22%
41-55K 70% 13% 66% 27% 39%
56-70K 85% 21% 83% 37% 58%
71-85K 100% 29% 100% 48% 75%
85-100K 100% 42% 100% 61% 83%
101-149K 100% 62% 100% 73% 100%
150k+ 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

*Check with ABC of NC for a sliding fee scale for families who have multiple children with autism spectrum disorder enrolled in ABC of NC center-based programs.

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