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School District and Professional Services

School District Services

ABC of NC staff can provide training for school district employees, such as teachers, aides, or administrators on the principles of applied behavior analysis, evidence-based teaching strategies, Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), discrimination training, data collection, and other information relevant to teaching students with autism spectrum disorders.  In addition, we can provide consultation to school districts when they encounter unique or difficult issues with their students, such as maladaptive behavior, communication impairment, or social deficits.

Individuals working for school systems may be interested in our “Teacher/Administrator Workshop” packages or in child-specific collaboration.  For more information on these services, please download our “Service Options for School System” brochure.

Service Options for School Systems
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Individuals working with young children, including physicians, may not have the time to learn how to recognize early symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).  ABC of NC staff is available to daycares, doctors’ offices, hospitals, professional groups or individual therapists, early intervention workers and others to explain the current understanding of ASD and its symptoms, how to screen for them, and how and where to refer a child for a more thorough assessment if ASD is suspected.

Service Options/Educational Methods

Some caregivers may feel confident in screening for ASD, but need more information on the use of educational methods for young children with ASD.  ABC of NC staff can provide sufficient orientation to enable the caregiver to explain educational methods to parents and other professionals and to help parents make referrals to community providers.

Data-Based Medication Trials

At times, physicians or parents may wish to conduct data-based medication trials.  After consulting with the physician, ABC of NC can train parents and caregivers to collect data on operationalized symptoms of both main and side effects and provide a summary of the data to the physician.  If desired, a simple single-case design can be planned to assist with decision-making.

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