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Parent Education Services

ABC of NC Child Development Center offers Parent Education Services for families who home-school their children, or for parents who wish to enhance their children’s learning by incorporating evidence-based educational techniques in their own homes and/or other community settings.

Parent Education Services are billed hourly.  Hourly travel charges and mileage charges apply.  Consultative appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and families will be charged if they cancel more than twice within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

  • Educational/program assessment
  • Individualized educational plan (IEP) development
  • Individualized curriculum development
  • Initial training of family and tutors
  • Ongoing training, supervision, and feedback for tutorial staff and family
  • Consistent data-based and qualitative evaluations of a child’s program and progress
  • Preschool, day care, or school observations and recommendations
  • Home visits for observation of staff
  • Data-based educational adaptations
  • Weekly or bi-monthly team meetings
  • Travel to and from child’s home, preschool, or other
  • Topic-specific consultation (toilet training, eating and diet, transitions, mild-to-moderate aggression, mild-to-moderate self-injurious behavior, social skills for advanced learners with autism or Asperger’s disorder, safety in the home (e.g., preventing pica), data collection techniques, peer review of existing programs, functional communication system development, functional assessment and analysis of problem behavior

See Admissions and Pricing for cost(s) of services.

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